Homemade Lemonade / Limeade

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© Isabel Forester – Limeade

It’s really simple and maybe not even woth called a “recipe” but it’s delicious and refreshing. I like it especially with thyme.

Ingredients for 1 l 

  • 1 l water, carbonated or plane
  • 3 lemons / 4limes
  • honey
  • you can add: fresh mint leaves, lavender, thyme….

Step 1:

Juice the lemons/limes and add it to a pitcher.

Step 2:

Add honey and if you like mint/thyme/lavender, etc and stir well until the honey is completely dissolved.

Step 3:

Add the water. If it’s carbonated do it carefully, it could bubble over!

Source: My dad used to do it in summer.

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