paprika soup

Paprika Soup

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paprika soup
© Isabel Forester – Paprika Soup

“Why did you never cook this before??”
“Is this the soup I could lay myself in for a whole week?”
These are quotes from my boss, translated from German, so it might sound weird.

I’m not sure if this soup counts actually as “low carb” but I would say it’s lower carb than other meals.. and if you are a vegetarian, just skip the meat!


  • 4 big red paprikas
  • 2 onions
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 3 tbsp red paprika powder, sweet
  • 2 tbsp red paprika powder, spicy
  • 150g Feta cheese
  • 500g minced meat, pork and beef mixed
  • 750ml – 1L veggie broth
  • 2 tbsp chives
  • salt, black pepper, oil

Step 1:

Peel onion and garlic, cut it in little cubes and stew it (in the bowl you will cook the soup). Also cut the paprikas in little cubes.

Step 2:

Add the paprika and all the paprika powder (except 1 tbsp sweet paprika – saved for the meat) to the bowl and cover everything with broth. Stir and let cook until the veggies are soft (ca. 20 min).

Step 3: 

Cook the minced meat in a pan and spice it with salt, pepper and 1 tbsp sweet paprika powder.

Step 4:

Cut the Feta cheese in cubes and add it to the soup once the veggies are soft. Take it from the heat and blend what’s in the bowl.

Step: 5

Add the meat and the chives and let is heat up a bit. Spice the soup with salt and black pepper.



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